Authentic Mexican Food at El Rincon Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar



March Tequila Tuesday
March 7: El Tesoro Blanco $10
March 14: Milagro Anejo $9
March 21: Casa Dragones $13
March 28: Casamigos Repo $12


Seafood Enchiladas $16
Two enchiladas with salmon, white fish, shrimp and onions inside. Topped with tequila cream sauce and two jumbo shrimps. Served with cilantro rice and julienne vegetables.

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail $15.50 

We Serve Authentic & Mouthwatering Mexican Dishes for Dine-in or Delivery.

Our Place is Just Around the Corner

El Rincon which translates to “the corner” is a locally owned family business. Our restaurants and menus are created with the idea of bringing the community together around the table. We utilize fresh ingredients, everything made from scratch.  Come as a guest, leave as family.

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